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Since 2007, 3 Sixty Art has been providing powerful artwork for a variety of venues both Public and Private.  We have a wide array of existing pieces from large outdoor sculptures to smaller indoor pieces and paintings.  Looking for a site specific piece?  Our Commissioned Art offering will ensure the perfect work of art for your location.  Customer satisfaction is paramount to us and we have a tremendous track record.  Please call Kris at 214-308-1236 with any questions or to schedule a private viewing at our studio located in the Design District of Dallas, TX.  Some existing pieces are shown below.  Please click an image for more information or use the navigation above for more options.

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Can Art Really be Priceless? Depends who you ask.

There are many pieces of art that some consider to be “priceless”, but what exactly does that mean? The term can be applied to any work of art no matter the market value. For example, the painting The Card Players by Paul Cézanne, which many consider to be priceless, sold for approximately $273 million – […]


What is Commissioned Art?

Let’s say you are on the hunt for a piece of art that will fit perfectly in a certain space. Not just from a size perspective but also the material and message. You can certainly search for a piece that will work but with such a specific set of criteria, your best bet may be […]


Will this Artwork Appreciate?

Most artwork is purchased for personal and aesthetic reasons but there is also an investment angle. No one can say with 100% accuracy if a piece of art will appreciate significantly in the future as there are many variables that play a role in determining that. However, if you are evaluating a piece for future […]


I Need Some Art!

A common phrase spoken by most of us at some point in time. “We need a splash of sophistication in this room,” or “My office needs an art piece that can bring it all together”. Art certainly has the ability to meet these needs but how do you go about choosing an art piece? For […]