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Dallas Area Rapid Transit

Sculpture in Stone and Metal

Eliseo's diverse works of art can accommodate any location and/or style. For years his pieces have adorned the galleries of private collectors and flooded notable public spaces with bold, monumental structures. A flurry of passion, experience, and talent combine to produce timeless works of art, often provoking feelings of love, nostalgia, pride, and sorrow. 
Please browse the pieces on this site and call with any questions. Commissioned works are available as well.

We can be reached at 818.531.5599 or email us at  Kris@3SixtyArt.com

In his own words...

To be able to see or imagine something, think about it, and then manifest it into a two and three dimensional object of many scales and materials is truly a remarkable personal experience. Looking at preliminary sketches, or viewing small models in my hands from multiple angles are wondrous moments of discovery. Forming “life” and thoughtful ambiances that others can then see, feel, and share vicariously through my works is my personal goal. Inspiration for my designs are from many sources especially nature, history, and narratives.

One of the things I find most rewarding as an artist and sculptor is listening to, and learning from, my patrons about the stories, people, or events they want to be recognized and honored.  Whether individuals or organizations, my greatest satisfaction comes from re-telling their stories, and justifying their significance, through my own artistically creative interpretations, style and methodologies.

Inspired by the passion, vision and aspirations of my patrons, I give deep thought to the many possibilities. The actual creative ideas begin to flow and take shape, and being a multi-media sculptor opens the options for the possibilities.  Because of my ability to work with various mediums - natural stone, steel and cast bronze - my clients and I are not limited in bringing their stories to life.  I am known for expressing a variety of narratives and styles by incorporating both recognizable imagery and abstract forms into a dramatic interplay of multiple shapes, implied movement, variety of textures, and lighting, adding a dimension of diversity to my works of art.

Collaboration and open communication with my clients, project leaders, committees, architects, engineers, and construction teams in defining the vision and goals is critical to me.  I remain in discussion with the shareholders every step of the way.   My goal is to exceed the expectations of my clients in re-creating their stories through my artistry; their satisfaction is my satisfaction.

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