Our Creative Process Starts and Ends with You.

From initial consultation to the unveiling of your piece, we remain focused on your goals. Our creative process provides plenty of opportunity for communication, feedback, and even a little fun. In the end, we’ll deliver a magnificent sculpture while also delivering a very unique experience. See a breakdown of our process below then take the first step and call us at 818-531-5599.

Initial Consultation

Let’s have a quick conversation about your piece. We’ll ask some basic questions such as:

    • Where will this piece be installed?
    • Tell us a little about the community or area?
    • Do you have some ideas on the subject matter?
    • Do you envision a Figurative or Abstract piece?

The answers to these questions, and a few others, will give us a strong sense of your creative goals and allow us to move on to the next step.


After hearing your goals for this piece, Eliseo will sketch an initial design and we’ll present them to you for discussion. Once the general direction is approved, we will complete the design and review one last time. Some other Design options include:

    • 3d Modeling – Maquettes can be created to give you a better idea of what you’re finished piece will look like.
    • Renderings – After scouting the site, we can generate a 2D image of the proposed sculpture in the actual surroundings for review.

Once the Final Design is approved, we move on to the Creation of your sculpture.


Now that all specifications are determined, let’s have some fun! We offer several opportunities to engage, and even participate in, the creation of your sculpture:

    • Periodic Reviews and Updates
    • Wine and Cheese Viewing
    • Community Engagement Sessions
    • PR Opportunities

We find that these engagement opportunities allow people to develop a personal bond with the sculpture. After all, this piece will be a member of the community for years to come, let’s start the relationship off right!


As we move closer to the completion of your piece, we’ll begin to finalize installation plans. Working with your team, we’ll discuss final detail such as:

  • Size and Height of Base
  • Ideal Orientation
  • Scheduling
  • PR/Community Opportunities

**Should you decide to have your team execute the installation of your piece, we are happy to be on-site to lend guidance if necessary.