The Sculptor Eliseo

Eliseo is an accomplished artist with extensive experience in creating site-specific sculptures for both public and private organizations. His approach to each creation focuses on intensive research and open communication with the buyer to determine the visions and goals of the piece. His natural stone bas-relief wall-murals, and three dimensional single or multiple piece stand-alone sculptures are valued for their visual impact, innovative free flowing design, substance, and relevance to theme content.

To learn more about Eliseo and our Creative Process, give us a call at 818-531-5599.

A picture of the sculptor eliseo with one of his reliefs
a family relief sculpture by the sculptor eliseo

In his own words…

To be able to see or imagine something, think about it, and then manifest it into a two and three dimensional object of many scales and materials is truly a remarkable personal experience. Looking at preliminary sketches, or viewing small models in my hands from multiple angles are wondrous moments of discovery. Forming “life” and thoughtful ambiances that others can then see, feel, and share vicariously through my works is my personal goal. Inspiration for my designs are from many sources especially nature, history, and narratives.