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August 2014

An alabaster mother and child tabletop sculpture

I Need Some Art!

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A common phrase spoken by most of us at some point in time. “We need a splash of sophistication in this room,” or “My office needs an art piece that can bring it all together”. Art certainly has the ability to meet these needs but how do you go about choosing an art piece? I mean there are all types of artwork for sale – how do you choose?

For the purposes of this article let’s focus on great but neutral art that won’t ruffle any feathers. I’m sure everyone has heard the saying “Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder,” this phrase is certainly true when it comes to art. So try and avoid anything that may cause an uncomfortable feeling from viewers.

Focus on size and color. Depending on the size of the room, you will need to be selective on the size of the art you are looking for. A 3 foot high piece in a gallery will shrink significantly in a large room with a large wall as a backdrop. Also, pay attention to color. While you do want the art piece to pierce the background, you don’t want it to take over the space. Art should enhance an area not dominate it.

We have all types of artwork available at Browse our pieces and find a great neutral piece for your space. Don’t see anything you like? Commission pieces are available.