Will this Artwork Appreciate?

By October 20, 2014BLOG
A Limestone Mother and Child site-specific sculptures installed at Newman Village in Frisco, TX

Will this artwork appreciate – well….. Most artwork is purchased for personal and aesthetic reasons but there is also an investment angle. No one can say with 100% accuracy if a piece of art will appreciate significantly in the future as there are many variables that play a role in determining that. However, if you are evaluating a piece for future value, here are a couple of basic factors to consider:

What has the artist accomplished?
Demand for the artist’s work, Official Recognition, Number of Collectors, Visibility of his art. These are all thing to consider. Ideally, you would like to check all of these boxes with a favorable rating. For example, if you are reviewing an artist that has been around for 30 years, his pieces are selling briskly, he has been recognized by numerous organizations both public and private and has many collectors, there is a very good chance that his work will appreciate significantly over time.

Is this a one of a kind or a duplicate?
A simple but important distinction. Is the artwork an original, one of a kind piece or is it part of a duplicate series. Artists will create these series in order to make their artwork more affordable to the art buying community. While this is a very positive action, it does reduce the value as it is not an original. Again, this is a simple thing to consider but an important one.

There are no guarantees when it comes to art as an investment but if you consider the bare essentials mentioned above, it should help you make a reasonable determination. If you would like to see one of a kind art by very accomplished artists, please call us for an in person viewing.